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Vacation Home Plans

Picture of a Vacation Home

Our vacation home plans are used to build houses that are typically (but not always) smaller in size, and that have lots of windows. Homes built from plans for vacation use are often two stories, as they are less expensive per square foot to build, and require less land. Vacation home designs often provide separation (adults from kids, one family from another, etc).

Homes built from vacation house floor plans are sometimes built up off the ground, and often have a cottage, bungalow, or cabin look and feel. Decks and porches are also common. So are open living areas, and separated bedrooms for adults and children.

Common Characteristics of Vacation Home Plans:

  • Often have a rustic look and feel
  • Have decks and porches facing water or scenery
  • Have a small footprint, but lots of rooms
  • Typically two story
  • Lots of windows

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What follows are excerpts from “The Getaway Home”, written by Dale Mulfinger, and published by Taunton Press in 2004. Taunton Press

The Getaway Dream …


What is it that draws us to a home away from home…and keeps us coming back for more? For some, it’s the promise of a relaxing vacation; for others, the chance to pursue a favorite outdoor activity; and for all, it’s the opportunity to be in a place we love, doing the things we like best, with family and friends close at hand.

Everyone who yearns for a getaway home knows that it will look and feel different from a home in the city or suburbs. Because a getaway is typically built with discretionary income, there can be something liberating about its design. It may be fun and informal. Joy and whimsy aren’t just allowed, they’re encouraged. As a result, many of the design decisions are influenced by a desire for self-expression in a way that’s rarely possible in a home that has to mind its …. More


We highly recommend that you click on two boxes – the number of bedrooms you know you need, and one less bedroom. For example, if you need 4 bedrooms, click on the boxes next to 4 and next to 3. Otherwise you will not see homes where existing rooms on the lower, main, or upper levels might work perfectly well as a bedroom instead of as an office, study, etc.