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There’s a huge difference — in quality, appearance, functionality, and value — between homes built using our house plans and those built from generic “stock” plans you’ve seen on other sites! And homes built from our plans can actually be less expensive to build! Learn why…

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Why purchase plans from Architectural House Plans?

  1. You can't build a great house without a great set of plans! And that's all we offer – complete and detailed plans, for truly unique and beautiful homes, designed by some of the top architects and designers in the U.S. and Canada.
  2. Our plans sell for just 5-10% of what the original homeowner paid the architect! And that process took anywhere from 6 months to a year, so the savings in time and money is huge.
  3. We have the best customer service in the house plan industry! All of your questions – whether by phone or email – are answered by the owner of the company, and customer service is his highest priority. Read some of our Testimonials...
  4. Our unique homes can actually cost less to build than generic homes built from "stock" house plans! Learn why this is often the case...
  5. We provide more information to help you make an informed decision with total confidence! We display real photos, not computer-generated images; we're the only site to display all four elevation drawings; and our Descriptions read like tours of the entire house.

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We highly recommend that you click on two boxes – the number of bedrooms you know you need, and one less bedroom. For example, if you need 4 bedrooms, click on the boxes next to 4 and next to 3. Otherwise you will not see homes where existing rooms on the lower, main, or upper levels might work perfectly well as a bedroom instead of as an office, study, etc.