Jon Rentfrow – Residential Designer

Jon Rentfrow is an award–winning designer, and is a member of the American Institute of Building Designers (AIBD). He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Colorado State University in 1994, and he founded Rentfrow Residential Design in 1995.

Jon established the business to follow his passion for architecture. He has strived to develop his company by focusing on maintaining long–term relationships with his clients. Jon believes that building a relationship begins with satisfying the customer with a design that meets their unique desires and personal lifestyles. Jon’s approach is to design a distinctive home by ‘Creating Moods in Individual Spaces’.

Jon works out of his personal residence to afford time with his wife, Elisha, and his three young sons, Nicholas, Jathan, and Zekiah.

Jon has also written a book recently. The title is Experiencing Home… a guide to finding joy in your home, and it will help you begin to think through how you live in your home. See it at


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