Meet our Architects and Designers

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to the architects and designers who created the unique house plans in our ever-growing portfolio of beautiful homes. We are honored to represent them and their award-winning designs.


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Robert Gay – Architect

Robert Gay, principal of Radius Architects, LLC, believes that design is a kind of magic, where the magic of imagination brings a building out of nowhere into the mind, onto the paper, and then onto a site, and finally, into peoples' lives.
After receiving his degree in Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, Robert taught at the University of Hawaii and continued to do design and construction work for more than 20 years. His firm specializes in architecture, planning, and site design, integrating alternative materials, energy and water systems. He has had experience designing and building with straw-bale, adobe, rammed–earth, Rastra, bamboo, and other unconventional materials, incorporating new technologies such as solar water heating, .... More


Eric Gedney – Architect

Eric Gedney has been practicing architecture in the Seattle area since graduating from the University of Washington with a Masters of Architecture in 1988. He established his own firm in 1990 and has specialized in residential remodels and new homes. He is a current member of the American Institute of Architects and is a registered architect in the state of Washington.
In addition to healthy materials, Eric maintains that the healthiest home is the one in which the owner loves to live! His desire as an architect is to design creative, exciting spaces. He further emphasizes natural, light-filled designs as well as cost-effective solutions. Within a variety of styles, he emphasizes clean, classic lines, abundant natural light, balanced spaces and smooth flow. These .... More


Robert Gerloff – Architect

Robert Gerloff designed the acclaimed Madeline Island Cottage featured in the 1998 best seller The Not so Big House by Sarah Susanka. He also designed The Laing residence featured in The New Cottage Home by Jim Tolpin and his own office featured in the 2001 book by Kira Obolensky Garage: Reinventing the Place We .... More


Christian Gladieux – Residential Designer

After working as a young man in the home building industry in New England, Christian Gladieux attended Boston Architectural Center from 1986–1989, and he's been designing exceptional homes ever since. He founded his own design firm in Oregon, Gladieux & Associates, in 1995. Christian is considered an authority on bungalow and Arts & Crafts design, having authored 3 books on the subject. Both he and his homes have been featured in numerous publications, and have received many well–deserved .... More


James Gower – Residential Designer

Mr. Gower has been steeped in architecture and design for much of his life. As a boy, he spent many hours at his father's architectural practice, and in the mid 1980's he studied at Carleton University's School of Architecture in Ottawa, Canada. As well as being schooled in architectural theory, Mr. Gower has experience in the practicalities of building new homes and renovating older houses. Through this construction experience, he has gained the ability to dovetail the spatial and aesthetic ideas of architecture with the sensibilities and cost-consciousness of the job site. His approach to design reflects that builder's know-how, a quality appreciated by owners and contractors alike. In addition to the aesthetic concepts of a designer and the practical considerations .... More


Brian Hanlen – Designer & Builder

Brian Hanlen is the principal and founder of Brooks Design / Build, Inc. He began working for his grandfather, a builder, when he was twelve years old. When his grandfather retired, Brian was given the family name and the knowledge to begin the firm in Steamboat Springs, Colorado in 1996. Originally, the company's focus was on cabinetry, high–end finish work, and staircases. Over a period of several years an increasing local demand was recognized for consistent and thorough residential design work combined with project management. They have responded to this need by shifting their primary focus to design, project management, and acting as the project owner's representation. The builder's background and approach to design is a key component to the level of detail .... More


Ken Hansen – Home Designer

Ken has been designing homes for over 30 years. He has a passion for the art of architecture, with his love of fine art driving his designs. "The Artful Habitat" is more than just the KOH Company's tag line; it's the mission, the goal. Form should not follow function, nor vice-versa; they should be walking side by side.
Ken began drawing houses in his high school days, which were followed by training at the hands of his father-in-law, who was a large residential builder in the Seattle area. Ken got his "hands on", working in many of the disciplines of the home building industry, everything from foundations to finish carpentry. Prior to starting the KOH Company, he worked with The Richardson Associates (TRA) in Seattle as well as Rod Mager Architects in the San .... More


Paul Hare – Architect

Paul Hare is committed to providing clients with innovative design solutions using traditional and unconventional construction methods and an ongoing commitment to researching sustainable technologies and methods. His design philosophy is simple: provide flexible, energy efficient plans to meet the client's desires and find a balance between quality construction and the surrounding environment.
Essential to a successful project is to educate the Client on the overall building process with emphasis on each phase (Design Development, Construction Documents and Construction) and how they impact each other. This collaboration between the Architect and Client provides an excellent foundation for meeting client goals and budgets.
Passive solar design, site .... More


Robert Hartford – Home Designer

Robert Hartford is a University of North Carolina graduate, class of 1978. For the next twenty years Robert worked in the construction industry, first in labor positions, followed by management positions, resulting in the formation of building and development companies of which he was and still is the primary owner. Robert currently holds an unlimited commercial / residential contracting license in North Carolina, is a member of the HBA Green Building Council, is a LEED certified designer, is a member of the National Green Building Council, and has an NC Real Estate brokers license.
From the beginning of his career in construction, education and discipline in building design has been the foundation and starting point for every project. When the first "energy .... More


Katherine Hillbrand – Architect

Katherine Hillbrand enthusiastically engages with her clients to find design solutions that articulate functional beauty. Her work ultimately embodies the spirit of each specific circumstance and place. She is known to incorporate both handcrafted timber joinery and common, everyday materials in unusual and whimsical compositions. Her work includes both large and small projects that reveal a poetic juxtaposition of familiar elements and modern solutions. Her approach to sustainable architecture encourages environmental stewardship through design and culminates in well–crafted buildings that fit comfortably in their settings.
Katherine joined SALA Architects, Inc. in 1986 and became a Principal in 1995. She received both a Bachelor of Arts in 1965 and a Master of .... More


Bob Knight – Architect

R W Knight founded his firm in 1977. He is a member of the Maine Chapter of the American Institute of Architects, having served on its Executive Committee for 10 years, and as its chapter president in 1985. He is a member of National Trust for Historic Preservation. He taught the first "Design and Build" studio at UCLA's School of Architecture and Urban Design, was a Lecturer in Design at California Polytechnic Institute in Pomona, and has taught design studios at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor.
Mr. Knight graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with an A.B. Degree majoring in Architecture in 1966, followed by a Master of Architecture degree from Yale University in 1970. He has been registered in the State of Maine since 1977, and with the .... More


Ed Kriskywicz – Home Designer & Builder

Ed Kriskywicz founded his design firm in 1991, but he has been building and designing homes and other structures since 1984. He has worked in 18 different states, and his firm has been involved in over 600 residential projects in Northwestern Michigan. In addition to stick framed homes, he has also designed numerous handcrafted log and timber framed homes.
Ed is currently working on a book for prospective homeowners, informing them of what to expect during the entire design and building .... More


Jean Larson – Architect

Jean Larson, AIA, is a principal and co–founder of Rehkamp Larson Architects in Minneapolis. She designs new houses as well as additions for people who appreciate good design. Her work has been featured in various books, magazines, and television shows, including Creating the Not So Big House, A House for My Mother, Inspired House magazine, Residential Architect magazine, and HGTV's Before and After and Homes Across America. Her new book, The Farmhouse, was published by Taunton .... More


Boyd Leyburn – Architect

Boyd has long been interested in houses that are practical, yet exciting. He strives for versatility in design excellence, so that he can design in any style a client may prefer. He is interested in creating houses that are energy efficient, healthy, and an expression of the person(s) within. His goal is to create an environment that best supports the way the occupants will live.
Boyd received both his Undergraduate and Masters Degrees from Georgia Tech. Having built and remodeled several houses, Boyd has a far–reaching knowledge of residential construction. After working several years for other residential Architects, Boyd founded Boyd H. Leyburn Designs, PLLC in 2007. He is a registered Architect in Georgia and North .... More


David LiaBraaten – Residential Designer

Starting out his professional life with degrees in Physics and Engineering Physics, David LiaBraaten soon found himself drawn to the aesthetic sensibilities and creative traditions of his Norwegian and German ancestors. He began to pursue woodworking and wood carving, and later expanded his love of design and craftsmanship in wood to include buildings.
David founded his design firm, DesignHaus, in Bend, Oregon in 2005 after working in the design and building fields since 1997. From the start, DesignHaus has focused on innovation, livability and beauty in home design. In the last couple of years, DesignHaus has refined its focus toward sustainable, energy efficient designs. Armed with an understanding of the science behind building technology and materials, energy .... More


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