David LiaBraaten – Residential Designer

Starting out his professional life with degrees in Physics and Engineering Physics, David LiaBraaten soon found himself drawn to the aesthetic sensibilities and creative traditions of his Norwegian and German ancestors. He began to pursue woodworking and wood carving, and later expanded his love of design and craftsmanship in wood to include buildings.

David founded his design firm, DesignHaus, in Bend, Oregon in 2005 after working in the design and building fields since 1997. From the start, DesignHaus has focused on innovation, livability and beauty in home design. In the last couple of years, DesignHaus has refined its focus toward sustainable, energy efficient designs. Armed with an understanding of the science behind building technology and materials, energy and heat transfer, its goal has been to implement real scientific solutions in order to design structures that truly conserve energy and resources.

David currently teaches classes in using design software, and collaborates with Earth Advantage, Energy Trust and the Oregon Department of Energy in matters regarding energy efficient design.


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