Ken Hansen – Home Designer

Ken has been designing homes for over 30 years. He has a passion for the art of architecture, with his love of fine art driving his designs. “The Artful Habitat” is more than just the KOH Company’s tag line; it’s the mission, the goal. Form should not follow function, nor vice-versa; they should be walking side by side.

Ken began drawing houses in his high school days, which were followed by training at the hands of his father-in-law, who was a large residential builder in the Seattle area. Ken got his “hands on”, working in many of the disciplines of the home building industry, everything from foundations to finish carpentry. Prior to starting the KOH Company, he worked with The Richardson Associates (TRA) in Seattle as well as Rod Mager Architects in the San Juan Islands designing high end custom residences.

After starting the KOH Company in 1987, he has done dozens of designs for custom homes, as well as creative builder plans. Although many different styles of plans were done, there was a gradual shift towards Craftsman style architecture, especially the orientally inspired forms of Greene and Greene. Whatever the style of a home, however, if it uses native materials and organic products, one will wind up with a home that complements the landscape, is healthy to live in, and gives off the palpable sense of the art of living: The Artful Habitat.


Other Plans by
Ken Hansen


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