Bruce Millard – Architect

Bruce Millard, director and founder of the Studio of Sustainable Design, focuses on designing with an ecological approach toward a closer relationship between the earth and its people. He designs human environments, while protecting the health and beauty of the surrounding natural environment and its inhabitants. His experience in sustainable design spans 30 years. He has been a pioneer in solar and alternative energy, conservation design, and use of recycled materials since the 1970s, lecturing, teaching, designing and re-using buildings in Philadelphia, while a partner of Alley Friends Architects. He graduated with honors from the Temple University School of Architecture, where he also lectured and taught. Bruce is presently president of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild. He lectures on ecological design and the use of sustainable building materials for personal environments and livable communities. Bruce has practiced architecture in the mountain / lake community of Sandpoint, Idaho, since 1985. His residential projects are built of sustainable construction materials, including natural fiber, sustainably harvested or reused wood, and healthy finished interiors. He combines these with fire-resistant exterior walls made of recycled wall systems, and walls built of straw bales. These residences blend well with both natural and urban environments, while providing sun-filled, spirit-nurturing living interiors. His work has been published in numerous regional and national publications, with the latest being The New Strawbale Home.


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