F.P. Wynn – Architect

F.P. Wynn, an award–winning architect with his own firm in Dallas, Texas since 1971, designed thousands of homes, apartments buildings, townhomes, commercial buildings, doctors’ offices etc. over the course of his career. Licensed in California, Georgia, Texas, and Florida, he came from a family of builders, and learned how to build a home before he could design one. One of the most talented architects in the U.S. over the last three decades, Mr. Wynn’s homes are all one of a kind, and totally unique. His floor plans are open but manage to create private and inviting spaces. He loved to incorporate courtyards and verandahs in his designs, and you will find groin vaults and barrel vaulted ceilings along with soaring ceiling heights in many of his homes.

His homes are so unique that they stand out in any community. His work has been featured on the cover of People magazine with the “Mary Kay Ash” home. He has been interviewed by CNN and his client list is extensive and includes luxury home builders and affluent individuals. He has won the McSAM award for best design in Dallas in numerous categories of design, and his designs have produced several parade of homes winners.

Mr. Wynn also had a humanitarian side. For years he judged a young designers competition to give back to his profession, and he once traveled to India on a missionary trip to design a Christian school there free of charge in a community where he was welcomed with open arms. His list of accomplishments include becoming a licensed builder and interior designer. He has trained many designers and architects who are now practicing in the design profession.

He has degrees from “The University of North Texas” and studied his Masters course work at the “University of Arkansas”.


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