Meet our Architects and Designers

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to the architects and designers who created the unique house plans in our ever-growing portfolio of beautiful homes. We are honored to represent them and their award-winning designs.


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South Mountain Company – Design/Build

South Mountain Company is a 30 year-old design/build company located on Martha's Vineyard. As an employee-owned, resource conscious firm, the company believes that engaging as many participants as possible in the work, consistently produces rewarding results. This collaborative effort springs from a business model based on shared ownership, limited growth, craftsmanship, and service of the highest quality, community involvement, and long-term thinking.
As a company, they are determined to create buildings and settings that are enjoyed for generations� that stand as worthy expressions of a humane, well crafted, environmentally sound architecture. The English architect Charles Voysey said, "Simplicity, sincerity, repose, directness, and frankness are moral .... More


Howard Spector – Architect

Mount Bachelor Design Studio is a full–service architectural firm based in Bend, Oregon. They have been designing custom homes and multi–family housing in Central Oregon since 1992.
Howard Spector, principal architect, graduated from the University of Colorado's School of Architecture and had his own practice in Rancho Santa Fe, California from 1978 through 1992.
Together with project designers Matt Burke and Donovan Donnally, Mount Bachelor Design Studio has over 40 years experience in custom home design. Their philosophy is that good design should be compatible with the site and the neighborhood. Their homes are gracious, comfortable, and .... More


John Sutton – Architect

John Sutton is an architect with 30 years experience as a professional designer. He has been a licensed architect since 1991.
John is well respected by clients, contractors and fellow design professionals alike. His experience goes back to Southern California, where he first started in the Architectural business. John designs creative, cutting–edge, functional, code–compliant projects that express his clients' vision and business plan objectives.
Whether designing residential homes, commercial buildings or tenant improvements, he is abreast of the latest equipment and materials, as well as how they enhance the functionality of well–planned spaces. John excels in project management as well as design, and is fully involved in each project through .... More


Rob Whitten – Architect

Since 1986, Whitten Architects has been designing thoughtfully considered homes in New England. With a focus exclusively on residential design, we are experts in a variety of project types—from camps to cottages, new homes to historic renovations. Our work has won a number of awards over the years and has been extensively published in a variety of residential home design books and magazines.
Our like-minded team of three architects and two designers collectively offer decades of hands-on residential design and construction experience, as well as a common ethos: we believe a home should reflect its occupants, and its design should develop from an appreciation for and an understanding of its site. Using an efficient combination of hand-drawing and our office’s .... More


F.P. Wynn – Architect

F.P. Wynn, an award–winning architect with his own firm in Dallas, Texas since 1971, designed thousands of homes, apartments buildings, townhomes, commercial buildings, doctors' offices etc. over the course of his career. Licensed in California, Georgia, Texas, and Florida, he came from a family of builders, and learned how to build a home before he could design one. One of the most talented architects in the U.S. over the last three decades, Mr. Wynn's homes are all one of a kind, and totally unique. His floor plans are open but manage to create private and inviting spaces. He loved to incorporate courtyards and verandahs in his designs, and you will find groin vaults and barrel vaulted ceilings along with soaring ceiling heights in many of his homes.
His homes .... More


Travis Gaylord Young – Architect

Mr. Young graduated Cum Laude from Arizona State University in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science in Design with an Architectural Emphasis. He worked for a year with the prestigious Vernon Swaback Associates in Scottsdale Arizona before relocating to Austin Texas to pursue his Master of Architecture Degree. Mr. Young graduated the top of the class in 1994 and received the AIA Certificate of Merit for Professional Promise.
He opened his own firm, Studio Momentum Architects, in 1998, and has promptly succeeded in becoming one of Austin's premier residential modern architects. In 2003, a remodel designed by Mr. Young was featured on the annual AIA homes tour. In addition, he is a member of both the Austin Energy Green Building Program, and AIA Committee on the .... More


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