Eric Gedney – Architect

Eric Gedney has been practicing architecture in the Seattle area since graduating from the University of Washington with a Masters of Architecture in 1988. He established his own firm in 1990 and has specialized in residential remodels and new homes. He is a current member of the American Institute of Architects and is a registered architect in the state of Washington.

In addition to healthy materials, Eric maintains that the healthiest home is the one in which the owner loves to live! His desire as an architect is to design creative, exciting spaces. He further emphasizes natural, light-filled designs as well as cost-effective solutions. Within a variety of styles, he emphasizes clean, classic lines, abundant natural light, balanced spaces and smooth flow. These priorities, he feels, will lead to a design which is appropriate now and in the future. Well-organized and efficient spaces are also markers of his designs. Furthermore, eliminating waste in both the design process and during construction gives the client the most impact for their budget. This attitude may be applied to any project or budget and results in a more refined and pleasing design.


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