Debra Coleman – Passive Solar Architect

Debra Coleman has been a licensed architect since 1984, and has been designing energy efficient and passive solar homes since 1985. In 2002, she received the “Best Practice” Sustainability Award for Residential Buildings from the Sustainable Building Industries Council. Her homes have also been on the National Tour of Solar Homes presented every October by the American Solar Energy Association.

Ms. Coleman’s work has been published in Fine Homebuilding (Nov 1993), Solar Today (July/Aug 1996), Mother Earth News (Aug/Sept 2002), Home Power (Aug/Sept 2002), Home Energy (Mar/Apr 2003), Carolina Sun, and the Southface Journal. While practicing in NC, she received the Governor’s Energy Achievement Award for both residential and commercial projects. She is currently a registered architect in Alabama and North Carolina, but her homes have been constructed throughout the United States. Her own passive solar and energy efficient home averages just $66 per month in total energy costs!


Other Plans by
Debra Coleman


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